AI for Professionals

Threat or Opportunity? Generative AI, the technology behind chatbots, automated writing tools, and content generators, burst into our consciousness in late 2022. OpenAI released ChatGPT in November. By January 2023, there were over 100 million users. According to TechTarget, this is the fastest ever adoption of a consumer service. While generative AI promises to boost… Continue reading AI for Professionals

AI at Work

Transforming Professional Work Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we work, and one area where we may soon see significant impact is in professional white-collar jobs. White-collar work typically involves tasks that require mental or analytical skills, such as writing reports, analyzing data, or making decisions. Generative AI, like ChatGPT, can… Continue reading AI at Work

Learning with AI

How AI might transform learning and teaching Artificial intelligence (AI) technology might transform the way we learn and teach in high schools. Important and long held goals of improving learning and increasing equity could be on the horizon. From personalized learning to 24/7 availability, AI has the potential to revolutionize education in ways we never… Continue reading Learning with AI

AI as a Writing Tool

Though it may seem this way, I will not turn this blog into an exclusive focus on generative AI and ChatGPT. However, it is hard to argue that generative AI has not exploded into our collective consciousness as a disruptive, game-changing technology. I began this series to explore emerging technologies and ChatGPT, launched just in… Continue reading AI as a Writing Tool

AI as Learning Tool

Ready or Not the Future is Now The controversy over students using generative AI rages on. reports that about 90% of the 1000 students they surveyed in January 2023 have used ChatGPT for help on homework. While this sample is drawn from computer-savvy college students and undoubtedly not representative of all high school and… Continue reading AI as Learning Tool