Kate the Chemist

Kate the Chemist ignites a series of colorful explosions of brilliant red, bright yellow, and vivid green on the Stephen Colbert TV show. The half dozen balloons filled with hydrogen gas and fireworks chemicals made a rainbow of fireballs. “Now, let’s do something exciting!” says the self-described pyromaniac. She then spews a mouthful of cornstarch… Continue reading Kate the Chemist

Is COVID-19…

Is COVID-19 the Worst Pandemic Ever? COVID-19 has changed life for everyone since it blasted into our news and our consciousness in the spring of 2020. The US and much of the world shut down for weeks and months. COVID-19 has caused enormous pain, suffering, and debilitation, and the death toll is devastating. The magazine,… Continue reading Is COVID-19…

Dasia Taylor and Her Color Changing Sutures

Why did Dasia Taylor spend hours after school in the chemistry lab juicing beets? The high school junior was inventing a way to reduce the infections that often result from surgery in developing countries. In low- and middle-income countries, about 11% of surgical wounds develop an infection, according to the World Health Organization. This infection… Continue reading Dasia Taylor and Her Color Changing Sutures

Hello World

Explore the world. Nearly everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough. –Richard Feynman Welcome! Welcome to my Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) blog! If you’re interested in what is going on in STEM, this blog may be a place for you. I’m a science teacher writing on what I learn about… Continue reading Hello World