The Coriolis Effect

Answering a Reader’s Questions As posted last week, the Coriolis Effect steers the winds and ocean currents around the globe in huge spiral patterns, all because our Earth spins. A reader asked who discovered this pattern in nature and wanted to know what happens at the equator. Does the prevailing north counterclockwise and south clockwise… Continue reading The Coriolis Effect

What’s Shaking

The Raspberry Shake is not a new type of smoothie, but a new tool for detecting earthquakes and other seismic activity. Developed by a startup in Panama, the Raspberry shake is a powerful tool for people interested in earthquakes and citizen science. The Raspberry Shake, designed initially as a maker project for home use, has… Continue reading What’s Shaking

The Beaufort Scale

Talking about the weather is usually a sign of conversational desperation and that is particularly true in California. The weather patterns here are fairly regular and predictable. Recently, however, a long series of very stormy and rainy weather has buffeted California. Watching the trees bend and sway in the gusty winds reminded me of the… Continue reading The Beaufort Scale