Teen Innovators:

Nine Young People Engineering a Better World with Creative Inventions

by Fred Estes

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Can teen science make a difference? Yes, it can! This book recounts stories of real teen inventors and discoverers and what they did. Deepika Kurup used cement, a sunscreen ingredient, and sunlight to purify water for developing nations. Gitanjali Rao devised a sensor to detect lead in drinking after hearing about the tragedy in Flint, Michigan. William Kamkwamba taught himself the physics and engineering he needed to build a windmill to power an electrical pump to water crops during the dry season in his rural village. These are stories of creativity, discovery, persistence, and determination to make a difference.

Fred Estes, a former middle school science teacher tells these stories and more. Where did their ideas come from? How did they go about their inventing and discovering? How did they overcome their roadblocks and problems? These are skills you can learn. These are skills you can use to change the world.

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